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Appeals FAQ

I Got An Order I Disagree With. What Can I Do?

If a judge issues an order that you disagree with, you typically only have 30 days to appeal to a higher court. Sometimes, though, orders that are entered in the middle of your case cannot be appealed until your case ends.

Do Different Timeframes Apply To Different Types Of Orders?

Yes. If you get a child support order from a domestic relations officer or a hearing officer, you likely only have 20 days to elevate any complaints to a judge. This is done by filing a kind of appeal called “exceptions” or by filing a demand for a full hearing in front of a judge, depending on the rules of procedure in your county.

How Long Does The Appeal Process Last?

If you appeal to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, which is the court above county courts, an appeal can take a year from the time of filing the appeal until the Superior Court renders a decision. If you appeal a child custody order, however, the Superior Court moves faster and you can expect to receive a decision within about six months from the date you filed your appeal.

If I Had A Different Attorney For My Trial, Can You Handle My Appeal?

Absolutely. If you choose to have me pursue your appeal, the issues put before the appellate court are typically based on the transcript and documents from the trial before the county judge. I have successfully handled many appeals in cases for which I was not the trial attorney.